mckenna hillier
25 denver, co illustrator and graphic designer extraordinaire pop culture scholar

i’m your soon-to-be favorite illustrator and graphic designer. with a degree in graphic design & a focus on saturated colors, illustration-based design approaches, and touches of humor and irreverence, i have carved out a niche for myself in the corporate design landscape. from one-off commissioned illustrations to all-encompassing branding suites, i am a jack of all trades - and i do it well.

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fun facts:
  • alter ego - stargirl
  • pets - 2 cats named dookie (short for hadouken) and toot (short for nothing)
  • obsession - porcelain clown dolls
  • favorite movie - hellraiser (1987)
  • favorite color - pink
  • favorite music video - drunk girls by lcd soundsystem
  • favorite nintendo character - luigi
  • favorite pokemon - luxray, mimikyu, or feraligatr
  • favorite album - scaring the hoes volume 1 by jpegmafia and danny brown

mckenna hillier